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Our first goal is to help you keep your teeth and your gums healthy for life. Studies have shown that your oral health is closely linked to your immunity. Your oral health also ensures the quality of life by allowing you to chew and enjoy food on a daily basis. Our professional team is dedicated to educate you about the importance of home care, and the importance of regular check ups and professional cleaning.

Our second goal is to help you have a better smile. Your attractive smile can increase your confidence and facilitate relationships. As a commitment to you, we will attend continuing education courses to learn the newest technology and skills to enhance your smile.

Overall, we are your oral health providers and oral health partners – for a better, healthier, and more confident smile.

Our Vision

Dr Yu’s philosophy is to do what is right and what is the best for each patient.

At our office, we work together with dedication, bringing the knowledge and expertise of each person into the practice. Because of our caring hearts, we can ensure that every patient will feel valued, respected and well cared for. Putting patients first and having their best interest at heart – that is the core value and philosophy of this practice.

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